A Darker Truth
Short Story Anthology

"Thirteen seconds was the perfect amount of time. Just enough to replay a life, to look at the detail of regret and close the mind to the beauty of success. Thirteen seconds was all it took for the myriad events of a lifetime to pass before the eyes of a dying man."

A man with 13 seconds to live; a war being fought against time; a drug addict getting cocky; a betrayed spouse seeking redemption in the arms of a prostitute; an author finding that for him, reality is slowly breaking down.

Welcome to 'A Darker Truth', a collection of short stories by award winning writer Paul Ekert, that take you to the darker side of human emotions.

A Darker Truth collects together seven original short stories written by Paul Ekert over the last few decades. Anyone familiar with his writing, both on the page and the stage, will know he has a tendency to dwell on the darker side of life and that his humour, when it does make an appearance, lurks somewhere around pitch black. The stories in A Darker Truth are no exception.

A Darker Truth collects seven original short stories by Paul Ekert and two sample chapters from longer works of fiction.

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