Being Darkly Humorous
Anthology of Short Stage Plays

Being Darkly Humorous is a collection of ten short darkly comedic dramas for Small Production Companies.

A robot looking to be alive. A penguin infused with Evil power. A writer literally on the edge. A dead man realising death is just the start of his problems.

Just some of the ten plays collected in this book that are specifically aimed at small theatre companies with low budgets.

With that in mind: Stage managers will be delighted to realise that each set requires a minimum amount of furniture; actors will be pleased to know there are a minimum number of props required, and the tech crew will be pleased to hear there is only a very sparse smattering of sound FX’s.

The majority of these plays have been performed in various venues around the world. These plays are fringe friendly and work well if you pick four that can be performed by the same actors.

This the full list of plays with cast details (various ages):

1 Being Married - two males, one female
2 Being Alice - one male, one female
3 Being Dead - two males, one female
4 Being Dumped - two males, one female
5 Being Saved - one male, one female
6 Being Evil - two males, one female
7 Being Human - one male, one female
8 Being Surprised - one male, one female
9 Being Arnie - two males, one female
10 Being Cold Called - one male, one female

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Paul Ekert
Writer - Filmmaker - Photographer