Ordinary Monsters
D├ębut crime novel

In Rallow New Town, a killer has awakened, driven by the need to silence years of repressed guilt.

He stabs a pregnant woman to death while her daughter looks on and the police begin a desperate hunt to catch him before he can strike again.

Jon Baptist, a journalist in dire need of a career boost, accidentally uncovers the identity of the murderer, but tells no one. Jon wants to be there when he kills again.

He wants the ultimate scoop. But with time running out, just who will he sacrifice to get it?

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First time novelist Paul Ekert has crafted a well polished novel here. Centered around network TV journalist Jon Baptist whose career is going down hill fast, he returns to his hometown to cover a local murder and stumbles onto a way to bring his career back to life...if he can survive himself.

If you thought TV anchors were shallow, self-centered personalities, this book will confirm that for you. A fun, sometimes gruesome read that often rings true-to-life. Highly recommended


This book is a great read, well paced and the author has a great 'no holds barred' writing style and does not shy away from content which i found to be a change to some authors in this genre.

I was then surprised to hear that this was this authors first novel and all i can say is my hat is off to him and i hope he writes more in the future.

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Hope to have some here for you to read soon.

Paul :)

Next Best Prophecy
Fantasy Comedy

Errena; a Princess looking to evade marrying the next idiot prince to knock on the castle door

Draag; a Barbarian warrior looking to rescue/kidnap the Princess

Garrad; a young Knight looking to stay alive while helping the Barbarian

Amorck; an evil sorcerer who wants to rule over everyone and everything forever

Peter; an ordinary man transported from Earth to their magical world by a mispronounced spell.  Everyone thinks Peter is a Living Legend destined to rid the world of an Ancient Evil,  or a great source of power to be exploited at the cost of his own life.  

Peter thinks, and hopes, they have the wrong man, but persuading anyone of this might just turn out to be little bit tricky and very deadly. 

Next Best Prophecy, a comedy novel set in a rich and diverse fantasy landscape.

Escape there today.

Available in Paperback, Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle App editions. Click the links below for details.

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