My name is Paul Ekert and I have been a writer now for some time - or at least it feels that way. In that time, I have written various non-fiction books, a number of articles, a novel in the crime-genre, several plays, some short stories and the odd poem.

This website serves as a showcase for the various plays, novels, short stories and film scripts that I have written over the years. It's also here to show off some of my successes, with video and audio recordings of my plays. There is also a section (Published Non-Fiction) which shows off the various computer books I have written over the years.

I've also been lucky enough to be an award winning playwright, having won an award in November 2012 for a 7' Minute Monologue 'Man with a Plan' at the Ovation Theatre awards. I was also grateful to win an award for playwriting at the Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin, where I was one of the lucky winners of the One Act Play Festival held there in April 2007.

To date, my greatest accomplishment is directing and producing a full length play of my own. In March 2012, in cooperation with a local Theatre group, I produced and directed "Dating by the Book", This was performed to a packed village hall over three nights. It is my hope that I can find another Theatre company to take this play on as it's simply too good to languish on my hard drive. A PDF version of this play can be found under the Theatre tab.

I also write short ten minute (or shorter) plays and a variety of those have appeared on stages around Oxfordshire, including T4-2 (photo at top of page). Many of these plays can also be found under the Theatre tab above. They are all available for production, but please contact me first.

Book wise, my first published novel Ordinary Monsters, a thrilling crime story set in a small new town near London, is now available for the Amazon Kindle. Click here for the UK version and here for the US version, and click here if you live in Germany.

I've also been known to do some filming.... The images to the right are of a short film I created with a bunch or LARPERS in Germany. The film was shot in HD and edited using Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Audition and Encore to create the final DVD. Sadly it's not for public release, but if you are interested, I can send you a copy.

All of the work on this website is available for production or performance, but please contact me first.
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Filming with Larpers in Germany

A production of T4-2
A production of Dating by the Book

Thank you for visiting my site. If you have any particular writing requests, fiction or non-fiction, please contact me at: