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Camden Fringe Festival - 2017
Henley Fringe Festival - 2013
Dating by the Book - 2012
My name is Paul Ekert and I have been writing for a number of years, following various creative urges to produce books, plays and film scripts for stage and screen, and the odd poem (yes they are very odd), and recently I've also dabbled in song writing.

My writing is all about the brighter and darker sides of life, looking at tears through laughter, or glimpsing smiles through those cracks in our hearts.

My writing is centres around people and trying to understand who they are and why they do the strange things that they do. My stories are always about the characters and the truth of who they really are.

Currently (June 2021), I have written and published the following:

Ordinary Monsters (a Crime novel)

Next Best Prophecy (a darkly comedic fantasy Novel)

Dating by the Book (a romantic comedy)

A Man of Violence (a gritty urban thriller)

Being Darkly Humorous (a collection of ten minute plays)

A Darker Truth (a collection of my favourite short stories, also available in German)

Additionally, my audio play Dream On (produced by Wireless Theatre Company ) is available as a Free Download from their website, or can be purchased on Amazon.

I've also been lucky enough to be an award winning playwright, having won Best New Writing in November 2012 for a short monologue 'Man with a Plan' at the Ovation Theatre awards. I also won an award for playwriting at the Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin, where my play 'Circles of Truth', was presented as part of the One Act Play Festival held there in April 2007.

One of my happiest accomplishments has been directing and producing 'Dating by the Book', a stage play written by myself and eventually realised as a book, which is now available on Amazon.

In addition to this I've also written and directed various short films that can be viewed here.

All of my work is available for production or performance, but please contact me first to discuss fees (an invite wouldn't go amiss either). I can be contacted via the Contacts page.

I hope you enjoy the characters that I have created for you.

Paul Ekert
November 2012
Man with a Plan (7 minute monologue) was performed by Alex Babic at the Ovation Theatre Awards in Halifax. The play was awarded Best New Writing (from a group of 12 finalists) by three judges and came second in the audience vote. Alex was given Honorary Mention as Best Actor. More details can be found on the Ovation Awards home page! I am hoping to adapt this script to a short animated film.
April 2007
Circles of Truth (20 minute one act play) was awarded a place and performed by Ken Torbet and Elliott Lawrence. Direction was by Charlie Woodcock. This was part of the One Act Play Festival playwright competition at the Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin. A recording of this event is available on YouTube and by clicking the Recorded Performances link above
Oxford Fringe Festival - 2017
Oxford Fringe Festival - 2015


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Paul Ekert
Writer - Filmmaker - Photographer
Paul Ekert
Writer - Filmmaker - Photographer